Test free products and earn more than other testers. It's that easy.

Getting products sent to you and earning money at the same time, that sounds tempting, doesn't it? In most cases it is not the way one imagines it to be. Often the reward is not necessarily good and it quickly stops being fun. But there is a legitimate way to make more profit from the whole thing.

What is the point of testing products?

Probably most people assume that you should test whether new products are really good and that you should continue to produce them. Such types of product tests also exist, although it is difficult to access them.

But the real point of the Internet and eCommerce these days is that a product receives good ratings in the form of small stars.

How can you earn money with it now?

Most testers do not receive any money for their tests, but are allowed to keep the product afterwards, which can be resold afterwards.

However, the testers should not think that you get the product, immediately write a review and then sell it again. No, you should take the time to test the product in peace and quiet to be able to write a good review. There are also products that are not suitable for resale after testing, such as a toothbrush.

Nevertheless, if testers have products such as an iPhone case, they can be resold afterwards.


Where can I get products to test?

Most product reviews today are for Amazon because it is very important for merchants to have good reviews there.

There are several ways to contact these dealers. On the one hand, there is an own program from Amazon called Amazon Vine. But Amazon invites the testers themselves and as a prerequisite they must have written many helpful reviews themselves.

Secondly, there is the club of product testers. Here you can apply and then test the products. Though it is expressly prohibited to sell the products after the test.

So both are rather variants that one should not choose. But there is a much better alternative called Facebook.

There are several groups on this platform that have specialized in this topic. The problem is that the platforms that offer product testing also want to earn money, and not just a little. For example, the club of product testers charges 15€ per evaluation, which pays off quickly. At Facebook you get them for free and that's why there are a lot of dealers there.

So you can almost automatically handle your product tests

The management tool from ProfiDS helps you to handle all your product tests clearly and almost automatically. Product tests can be created within a few seconds.

  1. Enter product and provider details
  2. Confirm delivery of the rating at the push of a button
  3. Provider automatically receives an email notification
  4. Get a refund or credit
  5. Finished!

Instead of using annoying and confusing Excel or Word files to write down the individual product data and dealer information, ProfiDS offers a structured user interface with all important information and statistics. After submitting the review or review, the seller or provider will automatically receive an email notification with all the important details to send a refund or credit. Finished. The dashboard always gives you an overview of expenses and credits.

Registration and use of up to 5 products is free of charge without time limit.

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How to find Amazon Tester groups on Facebook

  1. Amazon Product Tester USA / DE / UK
  2. Amazon product tester
  3. Amazon Germany Reviews
  4. Product tester Amazon & Co.
  5. Amazon product testers wanted
So you just have to join one of these groups and contact the retailer, so you usually get a voucher for the product or you only have to pay one Euro and then you can order it at Amazon.

It is better to ask the dealer in advance if you can resell the product afterwards.

The Review

The review should be honest, if something is not to your liking, you should phrase it that way in the review. It should also be mentioned that the review was a test.

Legal requirements for resale of the products

If you resell the products, you make a profit, for which you need a trade license. While most testers do it without the appearance, to be on the safe side you should not do it. One possibility is to discuss the whole thing with your tax advisor.


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