Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

What does it cost to use Profids?

The Registration on Profids is completely free. You can manage up to 30 product tests without a time limit.

Who can see my reviews?

Only you can see your reviews and entries. Your entries are protected and cannot be seen by other users.

How long will my reviews be saved?

Your entries will remain available to you indefinitely. You decide whether and when to delete your entries.

Can I buy reviews on Profids?

No. Profids is not a sales platform for reviews. We provide you with a platform on which you can better organize your product tests.

Can I test products for free?

You can find many free products on the marketplace. In order to use the marketplace, you must be a premium member.

For which portals is Profids available?

Profids is designed for product tests between Facebook and Amazon. However, you can also take your tests from Alibaba and eBay and manage those.



To register with Profids, you need an email address and a secure password, which you can make up.

1. Go to "Join free" and enter your email address in the appropriate fields.
2. Set up a unique password and repeat your password entry in the second field.
3. Then click on "Create your account". Your registration is complete, and you can log in immediately.


So that you can log in to Profids, you need your email address and your password stored on Profids.

1. Go to "Login" and enter your login details in the appropriate fields.
2. Then click on "Login".

Forgot Password

1. If you have forgotten your password, go to "Forgot password".
2. Enter your email address stored with Profids and click on "Receive new password".
3. You will receive a new password by email in a few minutes.

Edit reviews

Create a new review

1. To create a new review, click on "Add new".
2. Enter all the information you need to complete your product test.
3. Then click on "Save".

Confirm Review

1. When you have submitted your review for the article on Amazon or an other marketplace and it has been activated, click on the "Review published" button.
2. A window opens where you can enter the link to your review.
3. Then click "Save". If you do not want to save the link in your list, do not enter a link.

Confirm Refund

1. Once you have received a refund from the agent, click the "Refund received" button. 2. The order is now complete and will be moved to the "Refunds" page.

Delete review entry

1. If you want to delete an entry, click the "Delete" button for the corresponding product. 2. The entry is permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

Edit Entries

1. To edit an entry, click on "Edit" for the corresponding product. You now have the opportunity to revise all of the information.
2. When you're done editing, click "Update." You can now see the date of the last change in the product information.


Publish new product

1. Upload a thumbnail showing the product.
2. Select the country from which reviewers should rate it.
3. Select the refund policy
4. Enter a link to the contact (e.g. Facebook profile).
5. Click "Add" to publish the product.

Delete products

1. If you want to delete your own product, click on the little red cross under your product.


Account Status

1. To see the status of your account, go to "Settings".
2. You can see your account status above the fields.

Create a Premium Account

1. In order to create a premium account, you must have created at least 5 product tests. 2. Next the premium account function is activated under "Add new".
3. You can conveniently pay your premium account monthly via PayPal. There is no automatic renewal. 4. You can decide for yourself whether you still need your premium account.

Free Version

So that you can convince yourself about Profids, we have given you have the opportunity to test the tool free of charge and without a time limit You can create and manage 5 product tests and all functions are available without restrictions.

Premium Version

As a premium member, you have the opportunity to create and manage an unlimited number of product tests. All functions are available to you.

Premium Term and Products

1. To see the duration of your premium time, go to "Settings".
2. At the top of the page you can see how long your premium account is still valid for.

After your premium time has expired, your account will not be automatically extended, you can manually renew your account if necessary. Your created product tests remain.


Community Blacklist

Find dubious agents or sellers using the Community Blacklist.
You can find agents and sellers by name or email address.
If you have had a bad experience with an agent or seller who has not yet been registered by the community, you can add them to the blacklist. Share your experience with the Profids community.


Change Currency

1. To change the currency, go to "Settings" and select your currency from the "Currency" drop-down menu.
2. Then click on "Save".

Change PayPal Address

1. To change your PayPal address go to "Settings" and enter your new PayPal address in the field "PayPal-Address for Refunds".
2. Then click on "Save".

Change Password

1. To change your password, go to "Settings" and enter a new secure password in the "Change password" field.
2. Then click on "Save".

Change E-Mail Address

1. To change your email address, go to "Settings" and enter your new email address in the "Email Address" field.
2. Then click on "Save".


Profids is not working properly

If Profids is not displayed correctly or is not working properly, please clear the cache of your browser.

Delete account

To permanently delete your account on Profids, please write an email to using your email address that is stored at Profids.
Your account and all your data will then be deleted and cannot be restored.


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